we exist because ads get ignored, likes get faked, but fandom is real

YOUR growth is in the hands of real people

The power of traditional advertising is fading. People are choosing to remove it from their lives through ad blockers and ad-free services like Netflix and Spotify.

Today’s consumers trust the word of real people over ads – even people and influencers that they don’t know.

Brands alone can no longer control their story. They need real people to help them shape it.

how can you shape your community?

Community isn’t about the number of followers you have on social media, it’s about contributing to the culture you share with your audience. 

That means championing their values, inspiring positive change, or simply offering entertainment as they scroll through their feed. It’s 
acting like an influencer rather than advertiser.

Using our methodology, we have proven that shaping communities delivers persistent, measurable growth for brands.